Arcade Slot Machines

Because of its good combination of old school and contemporary entertainment, Arcade Slot Games never went missing in any gaming arcades. In fact, it is known as the beginner's first choice as the game mechanics are very easy to understand. Playing arcade slot games or slot machines don't require real skills, with just a bet - using either token, cash, or ticket - and a good luck, one can become an instant master of this game.

The game rules of Arcade Slot Games are not completely all the same. Wins vary depending on the machine's pattern requirements. Winning combinations are often posted on the side of the machine. There are arcade slots that only require matching of three (3) symbols in a row while others require combinations of symbols in a different manner such as a diagonal or zigzag pattern in multiple rows.

History of Slot Machines

The slot machine was originally a mechanical system of reels and levers used for entertainment purposes that was invented many years ago. A traditional slot machine contains multiple reels that spin when a lever at the side of the machine is pulled. The player would watch the spins and wait until it stops, only then the wins or loses in the game can be determined. As time goes by, improvements are being made to the machine structure. Today, reels and lever are barely seen on slot machines or sometimes remain only for historical purposes.

The symbols used on early arcade slots are fruits which is also the reason why the machine was originally called as fruit slots. Today, symbols come in variations including numbers, diamonds, hearts, gems, animated cartoons, even characters and images of popular celebrities or artists to achieve the theme of slots royale.

Types of Slots Arcade Games

Although slot games are invented more than a century ago, they can still be seen in today's modern arcades to keep up with the demand of the players. Variations on slot machine concept were caused by the modern computer technology. There are two primary types of slot machine that we can see in arcades, the traditional and the modern one.

Traditional Arcade Slot Games have genuine reels with symbols on them. The machine is purely mechanical, giving the player a feeling of satisfaction in pulling the lever and creating an illusion that the game result is under their control while it is really a complete game of chance. Gameplay was relatively simplistic, and there were a few extra features. Occasionally, there are free spins or limited bonus rounds on this type of slot game.

Modern Arcade Slot Games are purely computer-based. This makes them much more adaptable to trends, updates can be easily made and several games can often be played on the same machine. This advancement creates more innovative features such as bonuses and other extras. Unlike the traditional slot games, arcade slots do not use reels, instead, it uses buttons to manoeuvre the game in achieving the game requirement to win. There is also a pinball slot machine that can be really entertaining. Since credits can be digitally stored and don't automatically payout after each game, there is a scoreboard to monitor credits, giving more convenience to the players.

The video slot machine is the most recent innovation in modern arcade slot game. This machine has no moving parts at all, instead, it uses the graphical presentation of a slot machine which appears on the screen. Microgaming slots are the best examples of machines with great graphics. Since the design of video slot machine has no mechanical constraints, more reels are added. The typical three (3) reels are upgraded into five (5), giving players a multi line slots. The machine can also contain more symbols which greatly expands the winning possibilities. But of course, symbols with lower value are more frequent to appear compared to the higher ones.

Slot Machine Payout

A higher bet on each play is guaranteed to provide big wins. One important feature of this game is the jackpot that can be achieved by successfully matching the symbols with the highest value which can be won multiple times.

Also, slot machines give generous payouts and exciting bonus rounds. This includes free spins and power to multiply the wins by up to 500 times, which can be obtained from Microgaming slots. Bonuses are a common feature in modern slot giving more excitement to the game. There are some bonus offers that give free rounds of a guaranteed win on every spin.

Unlike any other arcade games, playing slot machines do not need pre-knowledge of how it works, as the game is understandable as it is going. It can be played in low denominations which makes it a suitable entertainment for arcade game patrons on a budget. With its simplicity, numbers of bonuses, jackpots and frequent payouts, no wonder it became the all-time favorite arcade game many people anywhere in the world.