A Brief Background on Royal Banquet Game Online Video Slot

If you are looking for something that can make you smile and laugh while trying to play your odds with some spare cash, then Blitz Arcade has just the game you are looking for. Designed by Betsoft, it centers on food and a medieval theme.


Royal banquet video slot has five reels and 20 play lines. Since it is quite smaller than other slot games, the odds are better for you in winning the prize. The symbols used are a mug of ale, a knight, a chef, a naked chicken and a monk among others. The wild symbol in this game is none other than the all mighty king wherein you will be able to substitute it with any other symbols to complete a winning combination on the pay line.

Something you can look forward to is the jester icon as three or more of this icon on the matrix then you have the chance to play on the Royal Banquet bonus round. Now the bonus round does not really offer anything more than just 30 spins you could use. #/p#p Before you go on lamenting on how bad this game is, bear in mind that this video slot does not offer any jackpot which is actually somehow unbelievable if you have been playing slots for quite some time now.

The Interface

As the name royal banquet implies, you might be expecting something that is elegant in terms of graphic. You might be a little disappointed of how the symbols and icons are drawn, as some are even comparing it to a work of a child.

The symbols may not be too fitting for the title of the game but do not let your hopes down just yet as the free spins bonuses , scatters and wilds compensate for the not-so-good quality of the graphics. Now if you are just starting with the world of online casino and betting, this should be the first on your list.