An Overview of the Exciting Caesar Salad Slots

For all the foodie fans at Blitz Arcade, enjoy the rich and colorful game of Caesar salad slots that will definitely give you something to look forward to. This video slot is equipped with tons of free spins and prizes and eye-catching graphics you will surely learn to love.

Knowing the Game

Caesar salad slot would sure captivate your hearts with its enticing symbols like the fatty Caesar, Meat, Caesar salad itself, Vinegar, Croutons, Grapes, Wine and the chubby Caesar and his wife. There are around 40 winning combinations.

You can play your stake for as low as $.25 or if you are feeling lucky place your bet up to $250. The wild symbol is none other than Fatty Caesar that you can use to substitute with other symbols except for his wife. If the gods are on your side, then you might be able to win the $75 000 jackpot prize just by hitting five of the Fatty Caesar's symbol. Now that is big and something to really excite you. #/p#p The next prize is $20 000 if you are able to come up with four Archeologist symbols and $15 000 for four Fatty Caesars. The jackpot prizes are really lucrative that is why this video slot game is a favorite.

Other Features

As with most fun arcade games, there is a scatter symbol and that is Caesar's Pretty Wife. Get five of her and your winning prize is hundred times your bet. Another exciting feature is that if you are able to rig five Lion symbols, you are guaranteed $10 000. #/p#p You are also eligible for free spins if you encounter 3 or more of Caesar's wife. Now the free spins that you have can be played anytime you want. #/p#p This lively and exciting online video slot game is truly amazing. It offers big jackpots and entertaining symbols and interface. The $75 000 award would sure make your heart skip a beat and makes you want to grab an authentic Caesar salad.