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Droplitz Video Game From Blitz Arcade Beaten Hands Down!

One of the games developed by Blitz Arcade in 1996, was a puzzle game called Droplitz. As a studio, Blitz Arcade was looking to develop imagination and creativity. A strong desire to deliver a grand collection of games for all kinds of different game genres was essentially their remit. Games from the occasional puzzlers through to a genre audience that was far more hard core in their expectancy along with everything in between along the way, no stone was to be left unturned and the requirement was to have as many little bullets in their arsenal as heavy artillery. Something for everyone was the order of the day, "yes, Cinderella, you shall go to the ball" was the cry to the ever expectant public and each and every player was to be given no lesser treatment than the other. Fairness for all, what a wonderful ideal. Well, quite honestly, why not? Shouldn't it be a level playing field for one and all with all players treated equal? After all, we're not talking about where you're a casino heavy hitter. Now this would be very very different, what an interesting thought, how would that be I wonder, moving and shaking with the movers and shakers of the real world with not a gaming console in sight?

Lets be straight The Droplitz puzzle game is far away from that of an online casino game, never mention the real casino games where the casino whales and high rollers hang out are treated to delights that one can only imagine. Could you even imagine it for a minute, wow now that would be great wouldn't it! You stroll into your plush casino, decked out super low key casual, but surrounded by your minders and good buddies, and well it wouldn't be complete without a glamour babe on each arm, now would it? You are guided to your very own private Baccarat room, as management smile and nod to acknowledge your presence. Would you be needing more than the standard 5million on account tonight sir? You are casually asked umm, nah, make it 20 tonight if you don't mind, have a little bit of extra time before I fly off for a stop over in Reno later.Yeah, what a life you think, heck, it might just beat a nifty puzzle game hands down!

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